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“Three of my children (6, 11, 15) have taken acting classes and performed in plays under Kelly's direction. Each has thoroughly enjoyed each experience and gleaned something that has helped them grow into a better person and actor. She's the best!”

LeeAnne Rheinlander, parent


"I love to not only work with Kelly as a Director but I love to watch her work. Her positive energy is infectious and her methods of directing produce shows that are a success time and time again".

Mark Scarpelli, Director and Playwright


“Kelly Strom not only knows what she’s talking about when it comes to acting and directing, she knows how to communicate it. People don’t walk away from a session with Kelly without feeling good about themselves.”

Joe Miller, community theatre actor


“Kelly is a caring, compassionate teacher that constantly challenges her students to excel. Her professional approach makes the sessions fun and comfortable. This is one acting teacher that inspires her students in all that she does.”

Sheila Jarrett, adult acting student


“Whether working as an actor, director, or teacher, Kelly’s work is always creative, intelligent, and thorough. She is committed not only to her art, but more importantly to the people with whom she works.”

Susan Marrash-Minnerly, Actor and Professor of Acting, WVSU



My son has been involved with Kelly Strom's acting workshop for a year now and has loved every minute of it.; I have watched him develop new acting skills as well as grow socially and become more focused not only as a young actor but as a young boy. We have even used the improv games she has taught him while waiting at the doctors office.

Paige Ashworth, Parent



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